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About Us


Abrapower USA established itself in 2003 as a break-away corporation with roots in the UK. A collective wealth of experience in the foam abrasives arena has been the key element in Abrapower USA’s evolvement into America’s second largest manufacturer of coated foam abrasive products with a worldwide customer base and selling over 40 million products annually.

With two major lines of production, Abrapower USA provides sanding sponges/pads for use in the automotive, furniture and home improvement industries and cosmetic buffers that can be applied on both real and acrylic nails as used by nail care technicians for mani-/pedicure work. We are the largest manufacturer of nail buffers in the world.

The Abrapower USA team not only designed and built its Northern Kentucky plant but also the actual production machinery as well. This has enabled us to maintain the highest standards of material use and process efficiency to guarantee our customers a consistent level of quality with a highly favorable price point.

Our Mission

Abrapower USA, Inc. is dedicated to the production of high-quality foam-coated abrasives. We are leaders in our market place and through commitment, vision and determination we intend to maintain this position. This is our mission and the values that will make it possible.

Abrapower USA, Inc. is totally committed to:

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Passion for customers and technology
  • Openness and respectfulness
  • Taking on challenges and seeing them through
  • Accountability to customers and employees for commitments,
    results, and quality

Our Process

Abrapower USA uses only the highest grade of raw materials to ensure world wide standards are being met. During production each step has been broken down into a measurable segment for ease of monitoring quality and efficiency. This information is then electronically processed and transferred to each product. With this level of control Abrapower USA can respond immediately to any customer or vendor concerns.

Abrapower USA merits itself on its use of a unique batching system. It also allows the company to constantly review processes and improve, to ensure delivery of best price and quality for its customers.