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Cosmetic Buffers

Abrapower USA, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of cosmetic nail buffers and supplies the market with over 22 million of these products per year!

Our buffers have an excellent reputation for high quality and are the #1 preferred choice of salon technicians. To ensure that the buffers are consistently of the highest quality Abrapower uses closed cell cross-linked ethylene copolymer foam. This is then coated within a unique surface application and specialist adhesive that allows the grit to penetrate the surface, evenly locking the abrasive into a deep bond.

As the industry leader, Abrapower USA, Inc. continually strives to develop new techniques and products to better serve the industry in terms of price, quality and innovation. Abrapower also recognizes the industry’s sanitary legislative campaign of developing an affordable and disposable product. This will also help reduce the amount of environmental waste of discarding the current sized product.

Abrapower USA currently sells 90% of its buffers to the US market. Our plan includes a five-year expansion schedule targeting growth beauty industry markets in regions such as Russia, Asia, Australia, Mexico and parts of South America.

These superior-quality buffers are available in a wide range of color foams and grit sizes and finishes including silicon carbide and aluminum oxide.